Frequently Asked Questions

Any phone call or random meeting is an opportunity to transfer all of your details at the click of a button or scanning your QR code, always having your card at your disposal... and most importantly! You reach more and more customers without doing anything - your customers are spreading you on, a friend recommends to a friend and gives him the information about you and so forth.

Once you make a change to your MyBizCard, it will be reflected immediately to every person who receives it as well as to those who received it in the past.

The old printed business card gets crumpled in your pocket, gets lost, contains limited information... does not allow you to reach new customers that are not physically near you.

If your contact details change, you need to reprint them and you're stuck with the olds ones that are now outdated and worthless.

With MyBizCard - you look innovative and successful, your details can flow and be shared easily by your satisfied customers who will pass on to their friends. Your information is always up-to-date thanks to our easy to use control panel that allows you to edit your information at any time.

Your own unique website costs a lot of money, and requires a lot of work in setting up and updating, so does the Facebook page - you have to work there to make it relevant. Your time is precious! Take advantage of it to bring more customers and give more excellent service. Your MyBizCard will be set up in 11 minutes. If you want to update it in the future, it will take you two more minutes. Using MyBizCard will be worth your time.

Your easy to use Dashboard allows you to edit your MyBizCard whenever you want. Simply visit our homepage, (, login to your account and you will have access to your content.

It's were you'll save the most money as a annual member, you'll get MyBizCard at a discount when you decide to upgrade to the annual plan, with your upgrade you have no limit to the amount of images, videos, and links, and most improvements we develop you'll get them for free or the best price.

You share the MyBizCard, at the click of a button with any interested party. At the end of a planned or random meeting, or at the end of a phone call - and he immediately receives all the information about you: how to get in touch, how to get there, what services you provide - including pictures, videos and links. Your MyBizCard is now with him all the time - and he can come back to you anytime he wants.

Certainly - MyBizCard provides an additional digital presence, the ability to share and spread your profile on the web. You can also link back to your website and increase the number of backlinks.

No. In fact, they'll be impressed by you, your services and how well you present yourself. They can save your contact details - and can review your service on Google, Facebook, Yelp or any place you want them to, by simply pointing them to the link on your MyBizCard, in the future they can easly call you the next time they need your services.

Here's all the beauty! The fact that you send and share your MyBizCard is clear ... The advantage of MyBizCard is that your satisfied customers will continue to distribute it for you - they will recommend to their friends, share your MyBizCard with them - and now, you have reached new customers that you would not have reached otherwise ...

We are constantly developing extensions and add-ons that can be useful for our users. Some of the plugins are complex and expensive to develop, so in order for us to keep going, we have to charge for them.

click here and get your own now. Enter your information and select your design. and within minute you can start distributing and sharing.

Yes, at any time you want. Just login to your personal dashboard - and update your MyBizCard within seconds.

MyBizCard is a Virtual Assistant in a digital business card. It allows you to send everyone the information about you and your business through your own website, which serves as a unique and powerful business card: You can showcase who you are, what you do, which services you provide and how to reach you and contact you easily. You can also showcase photos, videos, your business hours, get appointments request, and present custom links that lead to your most important information. Your Exact Details and design and layout will be available on any mobile phone, tablet and any computer anytime, anywhere. Plus, your MyBizCard is easily customizable to fit your needs. You'll look great and with the annual plan, it's only $23.25/Paid annually!

Our staff is happy to help with any queries. Reachout to our click here and we will gladly respond.

Here are instructions on how to save to the home screen for Android:

Once you loaded your digital card on Android, you should see a notice that says "Install on Desktop" simple click and it will install.

On an iPhone, you want to load your page first, then look for "Add to Home Screen" click that and it will be added.